Please accept my deepest gratitude for all the ways you have shown our son love. We are absolutely heartbroken to leave your wonderful program and the special care and attention you always provide. Our son has thrived and just loves coming to school every day. I have been amazed with what he’s taken in and learned. I will be hard-pressed to find anything close to what you all do – what a special team you make. Thank you for everything. We will miss you to the moon and back!


As the Kindergarten school year has begun, we really wanted to express our appreciation. While our daughter was one of the youngest in the class, she has really shined in being equipped to handle the academic and social challenges that formal schooling possesses. We owe you and especially Ms. Rose Sahadeo a huge debt of gratitude.

James and Hope

You have made parenting easier, the boys happier, and all of us more prepared for the future. Thank you for all of the skills you have helped to develop in the boys, and above all thank you for loving them so much. You have been a true gift in our lives, and we cherish our relationship with you. The difference you have made is forever. Thank you.

James and Suzanne

Thank you for being such an amazing teacher and a creative inspiration for our son! I wish I could spend my days in your class!

Joy and Alan

You were a dream come true when our oldest first stepped foot in the warm and caring embrace of your school. Now, with both boys having had the chance to call Discovering Me their ‘inside park,’ ‘school,’ and ‘friends’ place,’ you’re a part of our family.


You will never know how much you mean to our family. You have the ability to not only care for all the kids with unbelievable love, but to make everyone feel so welcomed and comfortable.


Thank you so much for having such a wonderful, loving place to bring my children.