Discovering Me Nursery School January 2022 Calendar and Newsletter

January Newsletter 2022

Well, we made it through the holidays! We hope every family had a wonderful time and we wish the best for you in the New Year. The staff and I would like to thank you for the many gifts and cards we received. Each and every one was special. January is a busy month at school. This month’s topics include a review of shapes, colors & numbers, the start of our study of the letters of the alphabet (keep an eye out for special letter days!), Martin Luther King, Jr., arctic animals and winter activities and special concepts.  

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December Newsletter 2021

We hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving. Now it’s on to our Winter Holidays —Hanukkah, Christmas & Kwanzaa. That means there’s lots of seasonal festivities and fun in our classroom! This month will be an exciting time for your child. During the coming weeks, we will continue our number lessons; learn about customs and traditions of holiday celebrations as well as the start of winter. Your child will bring home projects, crafts, decorations and wonderful stories to share with you. Don’t forget to ask your child about Science Fridays.

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November Newsletter 2021

Dear Parents,
October is a calmer month now that the children have settled into the program and have become comfortable being here. This will just keep getting better and better.

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April 2021 Newsletter

Discovering Me Nursery School April 2021 newsletter. We hope everyone enjoyed Spring break and the holidays celebrated at this time of year. Spring is finally here and hopefully the nice weather associated with the season will arrive and stay with us for a while.

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March 2021 Newsletter

Three more weeks and spring will finally be here.  We have a very busy month ahead of us with Dr. Seuss’ Birthday, a favorite author of ours, St. Patrick’s Day, the arrival of spring and many other fun activities.

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Discovering Me Nursery School February 2021 Newsletter

February 2021 Newsletter

Dear Parents,February is a month of feelings and love. At school we will focus on teaching the children to love, respect, and care for one another.

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