February 2020 Newsletter

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Dear Parents,

February is a month of feelings and love.  At school we will focus on teaching the children to love, respect and care for one another.

This month we will continue our emphasis on the letters of the alphabet – sight and sound recognition.  Our lessons will incorporate ground hog day, Chinese New Year, Lincoln’s & Washington’s Birthday, President’s Day and valentine’s crafts.  February is also Dental Health Month so we will have lessons on dental health.

We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day on Friday, February 14th so try to have your child wear red, pink or purple to school on this day.  Most children bring in Valentine cards for their friends.  If you send in cards from your child just fill out your child’s name but please do not address them to anyone.  It is too difficult to separate all the cards by name.  Thanks.

Don’t forget to return your child’s report card after reviewing it.  We need them for June’s progress report.  At that time you will be able to keep the report cards. 

If you plan on your child returning in September please make sure you get your registration papers in at this time.  We are now accepting outside registration so space is becoming limited.  Also do the same if your child is attending Summer Camp.  We did early registration for those already in the program but registration is now open to all.  Also note, if you have registered for summer 2020 and/or September 2020 and have not paid the registration fee please do so by the end of the month.

School is closed for Mid-Winter Recess from Monday, February 17th through Friday, February 21st except for those who have registered for our Mini-Camp session.  This session will run from Tuesday, February 18th through Friday, February 21st.

Just a few reminders:

  • Friday, February 7th is National Wear Red Day so let’s all try to wear something red to school.
  • School will be closed for winter recess from Monday, February 17th through Friday, February 21st.  School will reopen on Monday, February 24th.  Enjoy!
  • Check your child’s calendar for Show-n-Tell day.
  • In the event of a snowstorm please remember that school will be closed if there are 3 or more inches on the ground and it is still snowing.  Please watch Cablevision News 12 for information and check your e-mail for notification as well.
  • All children should come to school with a backpack – it is so much easier to keep track of each child’s belongings and crafts this way.  Full day children should have a back pack big enough to also hold their lunch boxes.  Dismissal is difficult because the children can’t carry all of their stuff and we can’t keep track of it.  All full day children should have a coloring book in their cubby.
  • Please don’t forget utensils and water, milk or juice when packing your child’s lunch.
  • Please be prompt at drop-off and pick-up times – we are staffed according to enrollment.  If you need to pick your child up early please inform us and we will have him/her ready for early pick-up.  It is a huge distraction at story time with people in and out.  Wait at the door and we will send your child out.  Thanks.
  • Check the clothes in your child’s bin.  Some children have empty bins.
  • Please keep your child home if he/she is not feeling well.  Fever, stomach virus, flu symptoms, etc.  Sick children belong at home resting and it is not fair to them, the other children in our program or the staff if they attend school.  Thanks.

As always, if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please feel free to call any time.

Carol, Laurie, and Staff

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