September Newsletter

Dear Parents,

Thank you for choosing Discovering Me for your child.  The staff and I are confident that both you and your child will enjoy our program.  We offer a full educational curriculum, as well as free play in a safe, secure, encouraging environment.  Our classroom atmosphere will stimulate skills and experiences for successful learning.  Our day will include block building, arts and crafts, finger plays, puzzles and much, much more.  Safety will also be promoted through fun activities.  Listening skills and language development will be incorporated into the program as well.  Weather permitting; there will be out door play.

September is such an exciting month for teachers and children alike.  It’s a month of change and new beginnings – new surroundings, new friends, new experiences, new skills, new challenges.

This month you child will explore the world of learning and will develop many new basic skills.  Encourage your child to practice and develop these new skills at home. During the coming weeks we will begin and learn

– How to Follow Directions                        –  To Question and Experiment

– School Routines                                         – “My Body” and “Healthy Me”

– How to Work and Play Together            – “My Family” and “My Home”

Please take time to discuss each school day with your child.  Ask open ended questions and offer positive feedback.  Review all work brought home and set aside a special place for displaying your child’s work.  Your constant interest will play an important part in your child’s learning success.

A newsletter and monthly calendar which highlights our daily curriculum and special activities will be sent home at the beginning of each month and will also be available on our website.

We ask that you label all of your child’s belongings, please be prompt at arrival and dismissal and if you are running late to please notify the school at once.  We will be dismissing the half-day & full-day 3:00 pick-ups from outside – it is too disruptive to have parents in and out of the school at this time so please wait outside for your child.  Please be mindful to park in a legal spot when dropping off or picking up your child.  It is illegal but more importantly very dangerous to double park on Palmer Avenue.  This also pertains to pulling half way into the driveway and blocking the sidewalk.  Thanks for your understanding of these safety concerns.

We also ask that you please, please, please encourage your children to leave all toys at home.  We really do not want toys brought to school.  Your help with this matter will be greatly appreciated.

The full month’s tuition is due by the 1st of the previous month (October tuition is now due, November tuition is due October 1, etc) regardless of days absent and/or holidays.  Payments received after the 10th of the month will result in a $25.00 late fee.  Due to our enrollment no make-up days are permitted.  We are sorry but we have to strictly enforce this policy due to our schedule and State regulations.

We are asking you to please e-mail us a quick hi at so we can easily add your correct e-mail address to our contact list.  Please include your name and your child’s name in the e-mail.  Thanks.

Please follow the list of “Rules for Mom and Dad” – some may seem silly or trivial but they do make life much easier for all of us.  Additions or suggestions are always welcome.

Please make sure you sign your child in and out of school each day.

Remember that our door is always open so feel free to drop by at anytime.


Carol, Laurie & Staff

Full day Friday children only – no pizza as of yet.  We will determine if there will be a pizza day at our Parent meeting.  Don’t forget to include utensils, a drink and a snack in your child’s lunch box.  Lunch should be something that your child is able to eat by his/her self.  It gives the children a sense of accomplishment and independence when they are able to feed themselves.  We also have 30 children eating lunch at one time so it is difficult to spoon feed them.  Thanks.

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